Philips Plaster Driver


10 Screw Driver Bits Philips Plaster Board 25mm

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10 x Screw Driver Bits Philips for Drywall Plaster Board 25mm

Philips Plaster Driver 100% Brand New And High Quality 5 Philips Plaster Board Drywall Screw Driver 25mm
PH2 Screwdriver Bits For Drywall Screws
Automatically Sets Screws To Proper Depth In Drywall
These Are Designed To Be Used With Any Power Drill Or Cordless Drill
Includes Depth Stop To Limit Screw Penetration & Damage To Board
Suitable For Plasterboard Screws Locating And As Drywall Dimpler Bits, Can Matching With Any Power Drill And Cordless Drill For Normal Usage.
High Quality Tool Steel Material Can Be Stable And Durable.
Depth Stop Design Can Limit Screw Penetration And Damage To Board, More Useful Easy To Install The Drywall Screws, Good Decoration Tools.
Depth Setting Bit Tip Offers Screw Gun Feature In A Power Drill, Shock Resistant Tool Steel For Maximum Durability Hardened Core For Extra Strength & Reduced Breakage,
Heat Treated To Resist Breakage & Wear, To Control Depth Of Screw During Driving Applications.

Model Name: Magnetic Drywall Screw Phillips Screwdriver Bits
Material: S2(Tool Steel),Magnetic
Item Type: PH2

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