Hex Tile Drill Titanium


6mm 8mm or 10mm Hex Titanium Drill Bit

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Hex Tile Drill Titanium Coated 4 Cutter edge

Fantastic cutters that really grab that porcelain and go through in seconds. Marble Granite Porcelain No Problem!

Remember ALWAYS KEEP YOUR BITS COOL. Best sellers for those who want to get the job done today.

Titanium Coated Carbide Tip is specially designed to cut through hole cleanly in porcelain ceramic and glass tiles and glass. These drills are each inspected before delivery and as with all Drill Easy products are made using only the highest quality components.

It is far safer and more accurate to use this drill bit in a drill press.

These drill bits will burn out if they are not kept lubricated with lots of water and kept cool.


Material type: Carbide Steel & Titanium Coated
1 Titanium Hex Head Hole Cutter

Please see our speed chart for more information.

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6mm, 8mm, 10mm