Forstner bits


Quality Forstner Drill Bits Ranging 14-100 mm

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Forstner Bit Auger Drill Bits Set Wood Hole Saw Woodworking Wooden Cutter Drilling

Brand: Drill Easy brand new and high quality. Not suitable for worktops.
Precision ground for heavy use and easily resharpened, they can enlarge existing holes with ease and can bore any arc of a circle.
Made from tungsten carbide and being hot-treated, the blade is characterised by high accuracy, smooth cutting operation, good resistance to shock and good toughness.
In design with curve, the head is good at removing the debris and working efficiently.
Processed by the painting, the cutter is water-proof, anti-corrosive, and durable.
Carbide tip is specially designed to cut through hole cleanly, great for boring concealed hinges and door clocks.
It is far safer and more accurate to use this drill bit in a drill press.
It is suitable for cutting holes into wood.

Material:45#steel & tungsten carbide

Intended Use:

Hard wood and soft wood.

Perfect for removing a complete circle from wood, great for boring concealed hinges and door clocks.

Please see our Drill Easy speed chart for more information.


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